Everything taught in our programme is reseach, solution based and anti-boring! we do not want to waste your time.

The Science

Everything taught here is science based,  this means that we have extracted all the practical information for you to put in practice from day one.  There are several ways to learn that these practical skills, whether is coaching one-on-one, keynotes or workshops. The important thing is that you will get from day one new techniques that you can put in practice straight away.

It is advisable to have a first consultation to discuss your goals and be able to tailor your curriculum, activities and supporting material to your needs. 

What will you learn?

We believe in what we call: The Origami Methodology. This is all about transformation and optimisation, where we can hone our natural talents and adapt them to achieve our goals. Here are some of the skills you can learn with us.



  • How to deliver the perfect presentation
  • How to win a pitch of investors
  • Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • How to nail a job interview
  • How to make great first impressions
  • How to build trust
  • Negotiation techniques
  • How to deal with high pressure
  • Building teams
  • Non-verbal of phone calls (yes, you heard right)
  • Deal with conflict
  • Lie Detection
  • Objective setting and action planning
  • Value proposition and USP
  • The Lean Start-up Methodology
  • Alignment of your corporate and personal body language to your brand
  • Increase your presence, influence and charisma
  • and much more...

Keynotes and workshops

We do keynotes and workshops. For speaking events or workshops we would need to discuss the specifics to tailor the programme to your needs. Prices will depend on all these variables. Please get in touch to discuss further

Our most popular workshops are:

·      The Science of Happiness at work: This talk covers the understanding of the chemicals of happiness, and how we can take science-based actions to be in control of these chemicals to ensure happiness at work. This in turn increases productivity.


·      The Charisma Interaction CocktailMany people think charisma is something that people are born with.  Science teaches us that charisma can be learnt and is affected by certain chemicals we can take control of. This helps us optimise relationships at work and stimulate a more efficient work environment.


·      The Body Language of Influencers: This talk covers the nonverbal behaviour of leaders/influencers.  Learn the science behind why great leaders have no limits when influencing people and the nonverbal to have immense presence and authority.


·      How to win an interview - Nonverbal Language for Success: Take control of your interview and learn what employees are looking for. Today, some companies even use AI software that reads non-verbal to choose their candidates.  If you want to step up your game and get better paying jobs, you need this set of skills.


·      The Science of Public Speaking: Present like a Pro: Do you always focus on your first line before that big presentation so its 100% perfect? Then you are doing it wrong! Learn the science-backed tricks used by experts from TED talks and Dragons Den. Persuade the public, inspire them and make them hang on to every word.

·      Be Bold: This workshop is designed to empower girls to learn how to increase their confidence levels and charisma - something that is SO important if you want to be a super star leader. All based on scientific studies, we will be explaining how taking control of your body language enables you to appear and feel more confident!


If you want to deal with your specific problems and optimise to achieve your goals, this is for you. We will need to discuss the specifics of your goals to tailor your programme to your needs and see if we are a fit. We can work as individual sessions or build packages.

The fee will include: the coaching time, a customised curriculum and a customised workbook for you to take home and practise.

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