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Hello !

My name is Victoria and I used to be a very socially awkward person. 

(Maybe there should be something like Awkward Anonymous right? Just kidding)

I don't know if this resonates with you, but when I was a little kid I wasn't always the most popular one. I was rather the geeky one that had no friends. So, this is how my story begins, as a very curious problem solver that was in love with people but did not know how to approach them.  I believe non-verbal skills need to be taught to people when they are children. This would have certainly saved me a lot of head aches.

I want to start by saying that I believe life is a wonderful accumulation of random events that come together to bring me to where you are. At least I believe that applies to me. I fully embrace randomness, and I believe  that curiosity and taking chances is what gives colour to life. This is a little thing I call Vicktoryness, which comes from putting together my name and randomness with everything wonderful that ends with ‘ess’, like happiness.

Through out my life I have lived in several countries and had several projects. I co-organised the first TEDxAstonUniversity and trained the speakers for this year's event. I have been invited to do several talks including the Pioneer talks in Aston University 50th year celebration and Silicon Canal Tech Awards 2017. 

I work with corporations and entrepreneurs on developing their sales, networking, and presentation skills. I want to help leaders increase their influence. This is done through the awareness and understanding of coding and decoding body language to achieve their goals.

I am a very proactive person that is always trying to learn and do as many things that can help others and me grow.

Alongside with working with Be Origami, I am a mentor for business start-ups in Aston University and BSEEN as well as teaching workshops in Aston University to students to help on their road to entrepreneurship . I am all about solving problems and helping people.

Here are some pictures of some business adventures:



How did I start? (This one is a bit longer)


Through my life moving around different countries, being an entrepreneur and growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in the world (Caracas) I have realised several things. Among them is the fact that you need to understand the culture and people where you are to succeed in your personal and professional life. Everything in life is team work.

When you come from a country like Venezuela, you need to learn how not to become a target of crime. You need to blend in, to be able to tell with your body language that you are confident as well as being able to read people to avoid unnecessary risk. This together with the fact that I was socially awkward and bullied throughout almost all of my school years, made me a very observant person. 

Living in a country where culture is so different to what I was used to, understanding body language becomes imperative. However, I believe this is true for everyone, whether you are a foreigner or not, you need to be able to understand social cues to achieve your goals and hone meaningful relationships.

Embracing random situations creates meaningful connections and makes the world go round. At least that is how I have lived my life so far and because of this, my greatest assets are the wonderful people that I have met through out my life.

Everything we do involves dealing with people. I have organised charity events, the first TEDx Aston University, taught students on entrepreneurship and tried to inspire them to follow that career path among other things. It seems only natural that body language, which is something I have always believed changes your game in life, should be taught to everyone.

As I mentioned before, I work closely with BSEEN and Aston University. They have many international students.  There I have met brilliant people that sometimes come across in the wrong way because their culture is very different, and so is their body language.

I want people to optimise their goals and be the better version of themselves to reach what they want in life. I want leaders to be more influential and have more effective communications so they can achieve their goals.

(In case you were wondering I am a Sound Engineer with a Master in International Business and Certified Body Language and Personality trainer. )

Books you should read:

·      You can have what you want – Michael Neill

·      Happiness a very short introduction – Daniel M Haybron

·      The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

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