Managing with Greater Influence - Webinar+Support bundle- CPD certified

Managing with Greater Influence - Webinar+Support bundle- CPD certified

from 83.00

Time: 2 h

Format: Webinar + Support

You will receive:

  • CPD Certification upon completion of the exam

  • Access to Q/A at the end of the webinar

  • Support for the completion of the test for 2 months

  • Workbook

  • CPD exam


During this 2 hour webinar you will have a chance to interact with the trainers and participants. You will be continually engaged through questions in each of the content sections.  Afterwards you will have the chance to participate in an Q+A and have support afterwards to submit the exam to obtain the certification


  • Provide an introduction to how to use influence to manage other and its benefits

  • Empower participants to understand how to lead in two different levels, verbal and nonverbal

  • Provide the participants with the right tools for their own situations and the certainty to work


We spend 70% of our managerial time influencing others. Would it not be incredibly useful to know how to do it more effectively? This course is aimed at leaders who want to save time and effort by learning research-backed techniques that are vital to influence other. This is especially beneficial for new managers and leaders looking to make lasting change faster and more efficiently. By working with us; you will learn to have control of how you are perceived and engage in more successful and positive interactions.

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