Leadership and the power of smiles in non-verbal communication

Did you know that face perception is one of the most evolved visual competence in individuals? According to research (Researchers Crivelli and Fridlung, 2018), the human face is not only crucial for human identity, but also serves as a great tool for social behaviour, influence, and interactions. Our facial displays can influence the behaviour ofContinue reading “Leadership and the power of smiles in non-verbal communication”

The Regal Stance

There are some body language gestures or postures which in themselves may not be negative. However the perception of them will be negative and perhaps does not display the feeling that you were intending. I will be discussing the Regal Stance as the second in this series. What is the Regal Stance? Royalty regularly employsContinue reading “The Regal Stance”

Back Away! – How to spot the Nonverbal signs of Leave me Alone

BACK AWAY – HOW TO SPOT THE NONVERBAL SIGNS We all tend to believe that we can read other people and know if we have made them uncomfortable. However is this really the case? Sometimes the signals that tell us someone is uncomfortable are very subtle or hidden beneath a polite laugh. Here are threeContinue reading “Back Away! – How to spot the Nonverbal signs of Leave me Alone”