How do crises affect behaviour-from the Black Death to Covid-19

Hello, our lovely readers,  As you’re reading this, we hope you are well, safe, calm, and last but not least, you washed your hands super recently! With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t help but wonder…how does a crisis affect human behaviour and how can we rationalise it? Let’s have a look at it together,Continue reading “How do crises affect behaviour-from the Black Death to Covid-19”

What happens when you lose the “Victim Mentality”

Welcome back to our blog! Continuing our -love yourself first- topic, today I want to approach a subject that I come across quite a lot these days. The constant feeling of being a victim, no matter the circumstances, and you almost always have someone else to blame for what happens to you- being other people,Continue reading “What happens when you lose the “Victim Mentality””

How self-love improves your relationships.

Welcome back to our blog, we are so happy to have you here!  This Valentine’s we want to send you a kind reminder -love yourself first-. Always and Forever.  Why and what does it mean? Is it selfish? Absolutely not. Before you start working on any kind of relationship in your life i.e. work, romantic, friendship,Continue reading “How self-love improves your relationships.”

How Emotional Intelligence can help you be a better human

You’re probably familiar with concepts like “tuning into your own feelings”, “managing your energy” or you might have come across emotional intelligence (EQ) as a concept at some stage in your life, but might not have paid enough attention to it. That’s because we still live in a world where we seem to dismiss theContinue reading “How Emotional Intelligence can help you be a better human”