Do You Really Want to Be an Influential Leader?

A lot of us have heard about influential leadership, but there is so much information that sometimes it seems like such a foreign concept. What is’ influence’ and how can that help me as a manager? If I have ‘manager’ as my title, isn’t that influential enough? Many of our clients have this notion thatContinue reading “Do You Really Want to Be an Influential Leader?”

The Regal Stance

There are some body language gestures or postures which in themselves may not be negative. However the perception of them will be negative and perhaps does not display the feeling that you were intending. I will be discussing the Regal Stance as the second in this series. What is the Regal Stance? Royalty regularly employsContinue reading “The Regal Stance”

Women in Tech: Is the UK Tech Community Inclusive?

The short answer: Yes and No.  There are no job applications in the UK that will say ‘women cannot apply for x and y job in tech’ nor ‘women cannot speak at tech events nor be coders’. Today more than ever we see initiatives to encourage women to join the tech community. Women in tech eventsContinue reading “Women in Tech: Is the UK Tech Community Inclusive?”

Back Away! – How to spot the Nonverbal signs of Leave me Alone

BACK AWAY – HOW TO SPOT THE NONVERBAL SIGNS We all tend to believe that we can read other people and know if we have made them uncomfortable. However is this really the case? Sometimes the signals that tell us someone is uncomfortable are very subtle or hidden beneath a polite laugh. Here are threeContinue reading “Back Away! – How to spot the Nonverbal signs of Leave me Alone”

3 Tips That Will Remove Energy Vampires At Work To Be Successful

How many times have you heard someone that promises you the ‘moon and the stars’, or how we would say back home ‘Villas and Castles’. Someone comes and tell you they have this fantastic opportunity for you, they want to connect and work with you… but in reality, they are just wasting your time. ThisContinue reading “3 Tips That Will Remove Energy Vampires At Work To Be Successful”