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Leadership has become a premium in the current world where we, more than ever, need better leaders. The current rise of global competition, performance expectations, the speed of technological advancements, and economic changes are making organisations that want to stay at the top of their industries have to develop new ways of adapting to this changes effectively. Any organisation that wants to thrive in a global scale needs leaders with the right skillset and tools to lead the organisation into being more agile, networked and technologically interconnected.

To help companies thrive in the current global environment, we have created a set of research-backed training courses designed to fit the organisations needs to build on the skils the managers have, turning them into influential leaders. Our definition of an 'influential leader' is an individual with the right skillset to influence others in a positive way to achieve a common goal. An 'influential leader' navigates the organisations and the teams through change help them quickly adapt and be resilient. They go beyond hierarchy, she or he allows people to create, embraces curiosity, innovates, thrives in ambiguity, is resilient, manages risk and encourages others to take action and solve problems.


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Emotional intelligent people use self-awareness to their advantage to assess a situation, get perspective, listen without judgment, process, and hold back from reacting head on. At times, it means the decision to sit on your decision. By thinking over your situation rationally, without drama, you’ll eventually arrive at other, more sane conclusions.
— Marcel Schwantes

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