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We train organisations to be Agile,Grow and Innovate

Now more than ever, we need to think about the skills needed for the future workforce. New ways of communicating, solve problems and be resilient. We use behavioural science and nudges to train our clients in everything they need to change their communications and mindset to thrive under uncertainty caused by the environment and technological disruption. Change should be embraced and leveraged.

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Our new services amid COVID 19

Training (online)

We deliver interactive webinars and online courses (coming soon) on:

Online Body Language – How to use your body language online during meetings and presentations and optimise the delivery of your message.

Communications when managing teams online – How can you improve your communications online to keep your team motivated and involved. Includes tips on how to deliver interactive online workshops.

What to do when everything changes? Idea Generation workshop. Learn to generate new ideas and think like the most successful entrepreneurs.

Little Wins Friday

Now open to everyone. This initiative is sponsored by Bruntwood and Smartella, we deliver a 1 hour interactive session where participants go through their wins of the week and then set goals with accountability partners.

If you would like to participate, go to our meeting place in Reach, provided by Smartella.

Date: Every Friday at 4pm UK.
Bring: A drink to celebrate, pen and paper.
Virtual Meeting place: Zoom meeting here
Slack group for updates : 

Digital Lunch

Every Monday at 12pm, London we meet online to have lunch together, discuss our challenges and socialise. During these times we need to keep connected to keep our mood and spirits up!

Come join us! bring some food and get ready to meet some people!

By vocalising our challenges we not only relieve stress and feel heard by others, but can find support within the group to help.

Date: Every Monday 12-1pm UK

Bring: Food and your conversation skills

Virtual Meeting place:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I felt a massive difference before and after Little Wins. I think Little Wins has enabled us to build a community and connect with people, while really embracing the spirit of serendipity.”

Yiannis Maos, Founder of Birmingham Tech Week

“I have never seen anything like this before to improve confidence. I have received answers to many questions that I had for many years. I am really grateful I have attended this workshop as it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Thank you, Behaviour Hackers!”

Oana Gabureac, Office Associate at Steps for Success A&O


Behaviour Hackers is run by award winning behavioural experts and digital Innovators.

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