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"Everyone deserves to have their voice heard and know how to make an impact where it matters. The leaders of today and the future need the right tools to get their message across and create change. Most of us have been there, and it’s about time to take back control of our interactions to achieve our goals and professional success. This is why we train innovative leaders to communicate effectively and make an impact using behavioural science.

Our promise to you is that, after training with us, you will take back control of your communications and increase your professional success. We are committed to change how people interact, one influential communication at a time! ."

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Victoria Masso

Director of Behaviour Hackers 

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85% of our financial success is due to human skills

As human behaviour analysts, we study the hidden forces that drive people’s behaviour and simplify it to teach it through tactical actionable steps.

We train busy individuals to hack human behaviour giving them the upper hand in business. This means helping them expand their EQ to be able to achieve their goals, create memorable and more effective connections.

Wouldn’t you like to have the blueprint to increase employee engagement, build greater rapport with clients, and have more confident and effective leaders?

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PS: People with higher EQ earn an avg. of $29k more per year than people with lower EQ

Sources: Carnie Institute of Technology, Bradberry,T, Greaves J. Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Talent Smart,2009. 

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Portfolio and  Testimonials



We couldn’t be more honoured to have worked with some of the most amazing clients along the way. These are some of the companies we have worked with:

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Vanessa Van Edwards -

National Best Seller author, TEDx speaker and lead investigator at 'Science of people' human behaviour research lab

"Victoria is special--her magnetic energy, desire for knowledge and compassion for the people around her makes her a treasure within the Science of People team. I feel lucky to know her and recommend her to both individuals and groups in the areas of coaching, training and development."

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Nissy Tee -  

TeDx speaker, youtuber 'be educated be bold', speaker

"I am so glad that I attended the workshop and had a one-to-one session with Victoria. Doing a TED talk is something I have dreamt of for a very long time, and this was finally my chance and I didn't want to blow it. So it was such a relief knowing that there were two incredible individuals (Laura and Victoria) guiding us, reassuring us and giving us fantastic advice every step of the way. They even broke down the science of delivering a successful talk which helped me to feel completely in control. I felt positive, reassured and happy every step of the way. I would definitely recommend BeOrigami/ Behaviour Hackers to anyone, the team did a phenomenal job."

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Sally Eaves - 

Emergent Technology CTO, Global Strategy Advisor - FinTech Blockchain AI and TEdx speaker

"Victoria is talented, warm, engaging and committed. I attended her workshop with the rest of the team in preparation for my recent TEDx talk. Both individually and collectively, we all took aware new insights and the valuable space and skills to reflect on our own styles. I also believe versions of this session would make a great addition in schools and universities regards communication skills, body language and emotional intelligence. I look forward to working with you again soon Victoria ! "


Katie Buckingham - 

Founder of Altruist Enterprises and TEdx speaker

"Victoria is a very talented coach and trainer that brings, in a simple and effective way, her science based Body Language expertise. I attended her TEDx workshop and private coaching in preparation for my TEDx talk. Victoria is very attentive to everyone's needs and supports learning by providing constructive and motivating feedback as well as encouraging you to support other speakers. Her insights on how to engage with the audience were extremely helpful for my talk. I would not hesitate to recommend her."


Review article by Dr. Rachel Ainsworth Here

Original Article here

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& Coaching

Our Programmes are tailored to each client to help them succeed and achieve their goals. Using the BeOrigami Methodology we want to help you adapt to situations to achieve the best results. We do this by leveraging your strengths, what you are already great at, and train you in ways so you can know how to use them in every situation. According to research, expanding your EQ is the number one indicator of success and that is exactly what we will make you achieve! Here are some example workshops:

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targeted leadership: the science of influence

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 The Charisma Interaction Cocktail:

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The Science of Happiness at work



The Team


We are a team of behaviour analyst certified Body Language and Personality Trainers by Science of People. This human behavioural research lab has been featured in:


We work together to create and deliver high-quality training to our clients

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Victoria Masso  

Manager Director of Behaviour Hackers


Irvine Nugent

Partner-CEO of Irvine Nugent and Associates

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Laura Scarfe

Partner-CEO of Unspoken Code

Emotional intelligent people use self-awareness to their advantage to assess a situation, get perspective, listen without judgment, process, and hold back from reacting head on. At times, it means the decision to sit on your decision. By thinking over your situation rationally, without drama, you’ll eventually arrive at other, more sane conclusions.
— Marcel Schwantes


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